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Biography and main works of this important sixteenth-century Portuguese writer, his poetry and plays, classicism, the Lusíadas and other books, Portuguese literature.

Who was

It is known that the greatest Portuguese poet Luis Vaz de Camões,was probably born in Lisbon (Portugal), around 1524 andbelonged to a family of minor nobility, of Galician origin.

The Portuguese poet of classical works that have put the height ofthe great poets of the world. His epic poem The Lusiads dividedinto ten cantos divided into octaves. This theme is the epic deeds of the Portuguese, their wars and voyages.

Owner of a bohemian lifestyle, this writer was Lusitanian frequenterof the court, traveled to the East, was arrested, went through ashipwreck, was also prosecuted and ended in misery. His lastyears were in utter poverty.

The literary baggage left by the writer is of inestimable literary value. He wrote lyrical poetry, epic, theatrical plays, sonnets whichmostly are true works of art.

Creator of the classic Portuguese language, had its recognitionand prestige ever higher from the sixteenth century. He died inLisbon, Portugal, in 1580. His books currently sell thousands of copies, and been translated into several languages (Spanish,English, French, Italian, German and others). His verses still alivein many movies, songs and screenplays.

Works of Camões

1572 - The Lusiads

1595 - Love is fire that burns unseen
1595 - I love so sweetly sing
1595 - Greens are the fields
1595 - What do you want me, perpetual longing?
1595 - Sobol rivers ranging
1595 - becomes the beloved thing in amateur
1595 - Seven years Jacob served as pastor
1595 - My gentle soul that you broke
1595 - Change to the times, move the wills
1595 - Who says love is false or misleading

1587 - The King Seleucus.
1587 - Auto Filodemo.
1587 - Hosts

Luis de Camões


Love is fire that burns without being seen;
Is a wound that hurts and does not feel;
It is an unhappy;
It is pain that rages without hurting.

It is not wanting more than a will;
It is a solitary walk among us;
It is never content themselves with glee;
It is a care that we win when we lose.

You will want to be trapped by
To serve who wins the winner,
You have someone in the bush loyalty.

But how can its favor
Friendship in human hearts;
If exactly the opposite is the same love?

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